Get Suspended…feel the difference

Posted by AquaJogger® on October 19th, 2009

Many pools today are only three to four feet deep due to liability, insurance, economic and supervisory issues. But you don’t have to let shallow water limit your pool experience. Escape the world of gravity to one of weightlessness with one of our buoyancy belts. Those of you who have already experienced the feeling of freedom and relaxation of being suspended in the water can attest to its magic.

Give your joints a rest from their weight-bearing activity and increase your choice of movements. With your feet off the bottom of the pool, you can position your body at angles ranging from 45 degrees to horizontal so your legs can cycle through a full range of motion.

Get your heart rate up by using these angles to run, rock climb or cycle in a seated or recumbent bicycle position at whatever cadence you desire. You can also perform abdominal exercises such as a V-sit or do sit kicks to strengthen knees and hamstrings. Check out these and other exercises in the workout guide on our website. You are only limited by your imagination.

Get off the bottom of the pool. Get suspended…have fun…Get fit.