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Aquatic Exercise Association

The Aquatic Exercise Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and development of the aquatic fitness industry. AEA offers instructor education and training for its members. is a systematic, in depth and clever resource site for everyone from the general public to professional trainers. It consists of basic through advanced movements; shallow and deep water procedures; aerobic, strength, stretching, toning, equipment, flexibility and range of motion techniques. Each section includes detailed explanations with photographs of the exercises.

The Beanfit mission is to educate the public on a wide variety of health and fitness topics by eliminating quackery one fact at a time, and to disseminate this information via writing, consulting, and public speaking.

Carolyn Collman, MS, ATRI-C, ACE, AEA, NETA is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist and certified aquatic therapist with advanced training in treating rheumatic diseases and sports injuries with aquatic exercise therapy.

Fun &Fitness Travel Club®

Water aerobics teachers and students combine their passion with travel. More than 3,000 members nationwide travel throughout the world conducting daily morning water exercises wherever they go. All cruises, land trips and special events are hosted by certified water aerobics instructors who travel free. Are you one who qualifies?

Aquatic Resources Network

The one-stop aquatic therapy resource. An international clearinghouse of information on aquatic therapy, aquatic fitness, aquatic exercise, aquatic rehabilitation, pool therapy and related topics. Aquatic equipment and books for discount prices. Committed to preventing aquatic therapy providers from re-creating the proverbial (water) wheel.

Aquatic Fitness Professionals

The Aquatics Fitness Professionals Association International is a national aqua aerobics certification organization providing certifications in water aerobics, aquatic personal training, aquatic kickboxing, and senior fitness and aquatic arthritis. We also have over 35 water aerobics workshops and 5 land workshops in kickboxing, pilates, toning, and step. We carry AEA, ACE, AFAA, and A-PAI CEC (continuing education credit) on our workshops.

Looking for a different, effective, stress-free method of exercise? Are you coming off your latest marathon? Wanting to exercise while pregnant? Or perhaps your Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, knee pain or plantar fasciitis is causing you to curb your running schedule. Aquarunning may be just the activity your exercise program could use. Check out AquaJogger®’s sister site on the web!


Aquatic and recreational therapy consultations, needs assessments, individual and group therapy, educational workshops, adaptive techniques.

CDOF (Brazil)

Na Cooperativa do Fitness, além do conteúdo Hidroginástica Deep Water, você terá acesso a conhecimentos práticos e teóricos de vários temas ligados a Educação Física e Saúde, vindo do intercâmbio entre profissionais da área do fitness e afins, através de contribuições e participação voluntária de todos. Confira e participe!

AquaJogger® - Fitness and Gear links

WMS Aquatics is both a design build contractor and equipment supplier for the Commercial Swim Pool industry, serving customers across the United States since 1972.

Gifts and Products for Healthy & Active Aging. All items help to make everyday life a little easier or simply more comfortable.

Endless Pools®

Swim at Home with your own indoor Swimming Pool


Turn your backyard Swimming Pool into an Endless Pool

The most thorough source for news, products and trend information for the outdoor and fitness industries.

Specializes in triathlon training gear, with a large selection of swim training products.

Simple answers to common fitness questions.

Really Useful Fitness Blog

A simple guide to useful, interesting, and up-to-date fitness info from all over the Web…

A Running and Triathlon Resource Site

International Fitness Association

(IFA) - Online Aerobics and Fitness Instructor Certification

Fitness Link - Your Health and Fitness Resource!

AquaJogger® - Exchanged Links

Weight Loss & Obesity Resource Center

Welcome to the Weight Loss & Obesity Resource Center. Here, we provide the information you need to know on all topics related to Weight loss and Obesity.

Joe Kasper, M.S. has almost 20 years experience training and motivating people to get into prime health and get the body they deserve!

Swimming pool counter current for health with aquatic exercise. Lap swim spa with endless river flow stream of current. Not swim jets, propeller pump system of laminar flow for swimming pools and swim spas, water falls and water features.

Physical Therapy - The Web Space (Physio / Physiotherapy)

Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy site by therapists for therapists. All things physio on the net.

Soccer Ball machine

Pro Trainer soccer machine gives players of all ages the ability to gain extreme game confidence through effective first touch training.

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