AquaJogger® - Want To Excel At Your Sport?

Want To Excel At Your Sport?

Aquatic Fitness and Workout Recovery

Your cardio/respiratory, muscle and skeletal systems all have different recovery rates and ignoring any one of them can put you on the sidelines. Your cardio system has the fastest recovery rate and is relatively easy to monitor by paying attention to your breathing and heart rate. The slowest system to adapt is your skeletal system and injury often occurs with little or no warning.

Most athletes gauge their conditioning level and their training work load by monitoring the aerobic/anaerobic breathing patterns and heart rate. Impending stress fractures and other skeletal breakdowns provide little warning and can end a season. Water running can reduce this risk and open new conditioning opportunities.

Deep Water Running Component

Adding a deep water running component into sports training programs has saved many a season and provided a competitive edge to athletes at all levels. The key is removing impact from the conditioning and training process. When you are suspended up to your neck in deep water with an AquaJogger®, you are free to put pressure on your cardio/respiratory while you give your skeletal system a rest and recovery day. At the same time your muscle system gets a no-impact cross training session with special benefits to the muscles that strengthen joint function.

Each of your body’s training systems has its own rest and recovery pattern that the athlete and coach must incorporate into the training schedule or suffer the consequences. Motivated athletes and coaches often let their head overrule feedback from the body, yet their body always wins.

The wise use of both land and water allows the athletes to find the optimal balance in training/rest and recovery to optimize conditioning without breakdown or injury. Two excellent resources that provide additional information are available on this web site.

Please take some time to read our Free Water Running Handbook.

Take It To The Water

An excellent resource for athletes and coaches in any sport is the DVD Take It To The Water with water running specialist David Brennan and Dr. Stan James, M.D., an internationally known orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine.

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  1. Susan Griffith Says:

    Hi I am a running coach in Sydney and am keen to learn more about deep water running to introduce my runners to it. I tried to link to the DVD Take it to the Water but the link was broken. How can I get a copy of the DVD? I have printed off the handbook which is really useful.

    Thanks in anticipation for your help.

    Kind regards

  2. AquaJogger® Says:

    Susan, thank you for pointing out the broken links. They have been repaired. You can find the dvd in our online store here:;ITEM?ItemCode=AP155&company=001

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