You’ve Given Me Hope!

Do you ever feel like your fitness goals are out of your reach? At AquaJogger®, we often hear inspiring stories from people who had once given up on their quest and then found hope in the forgiving environment of water.

Example: A women called our office to say that she finally was able to lose those extra pounds by combining deep water exercise with her diet. In her case, it was one hundred extra pounds!

A retired gentleman injured his back and was confined to bed where, due to his inactivity, he gained seventy pounds. His wife feared that his life was over until his physician recommended deep water exercises with an AquaJogger®. The wife phoned to report that her husband was now back on his feet, had lost the seventy pounds, and they had just returned from walking the Great Wall of China.

A runner contacted us to say that, after years of feeling beat up and sustaining injuries from over-training, she decided to substitute water running for some of the land sessions. She commented that running was fun again and that after years of being stuck at a plateau she had improved her personal record in the marathon by ten minutes. “I ran probably 50% less distance this time and improved that much. Sweet.”

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One unforgettable call came from a lady who claimed that an AquaJogger® had “saved her life”. She explained that she was a psychologist and was recently devastated by the news that her only daughter had been killed in an accident. The depression that followed included thoughts of suicide and she knew that it was critical that she find a way to combat the growing intensity of despair. By chance, she wandered by a pool where a deep water exercise session was going on and decided to join it. She recalled that from the moment she entered the water and was suspended by the AquaJogger®, she knew that this was the environment she needed to work though her pain. The feeling of weightlessness, the embrace of the water, and freedom from stress helped relieve the tensions of her mind and body and opened the path to her recovery.

Has AquaJogger® improved you life? Send us your story. It will give others hope.

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  1. Mireya Ponce Says:

    I have been ussing the Aquajogger for over ten years, I started using Aquajogger after having surgery because I had a case of sever tennis elbow then two years ago I had knee surgery, I have been using Aquajogger every day and I love it, thanks to the aquajogger I am back playing tenis, I am very greatful to have found something that is absolutely great. I have ever since recommending it to everybody, Now I live in Muscat Oman and thanks to my recomedations other people are using it. I am very greatful to the Aqua jogger people for having such a great product. sincerly yours Mireya Ponce from Muscat Oman

  2. Nate Parr Says:

    Wow. Powerful stories!

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