AquaJogger® - Everyone in the Pool - Part 2

AquaJogger&reg - Everyone in the Pool Part 2

Water exercise is fastly becoming one of the favorite mediums for workouts, rehabilitation and just having fun. Part I reported on a few of The ways that deep water and its no impact exercise is being used. Pari II continues with additional reports.

AquaJogger® Everyone in the Pool

Overweight People

Obese people, or those simply heavier than they would like to be, are often embarrassed to let others see their bodies. Most exercise classes reveal every bulge and sag. Deep water covers everything from the neck down, freeing exercisers to concentrate on the task at hand.

And that’s not all. Excess weight can be a severe strain on feet, hips and legs. Relieving this stress by floating the body makes possible a very comfortable, injury-free exercise session at any weight or level of conditioning.

Because of the resistance of water, heavy people can count on the muscle toning they need. And because water aids circulation they do not risk strain on the heart as long as they stay within a comfortable level of exertion. Many people have been amazed and delighted by how quickly inches melted away when they consistently exercised in the water.

And they report they never suffered the discomfort they used to associate with workouts. Comfort is an important factor because most people will feel discouraged and a good number will simply quit if exercising is unpleasant.

People With Arthritis

People with various disabilities are ideal candidates for water exercise programs. About 100 different types of arthritis make life difficult for close to 30 million Americans, including a quarter million children. About 60 percent of the population over 60 suffer some form of osteoarthritis.

Even mild exercise can be quite painful when joints are stiff and swollen. But avoiding exercise is about the worst thing to do for arthritis, leading to stiffening and further deterioration.

In the water, arthritic joints move with less discomfort. After a few weeks of mild exercise most people report reduced pain and an improved attitude toward life. Some have returned to normal living after years of feeling severely limited.

Since there is no cure for arthritis, a lifetime exercise program is necessary if sufferers are to take control of the situation. But the soothing buoyancy of water makes this a real pleasure for most people. Before starting an arthritis exercise program, consult a doctor, who will be able to provide advice on the best water temperature for a specific arthritis condition. Water too cold or too hot can have adverse effects.

People With Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease of the nerves that seems to benefit from exercise. Higher energy levels and looser limbs without overheating or tiredness are some of the benefits MS people reap from deep water exercise. All the muscles can get involved in stretching, flexing and relaxing.

There is no reason, with water training, why a person with MS cannot be physically fit, especially during the periods of remission which characterize the condition. The cardiac benefits alone are of great importance to better overall health.

Water 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for people with MS, who are at risk if they become overheated. Since becoming over-tired is a constant threat to MS people, doctors recommend careful pacing, regular breaks and exercising only until the first signs of fatigue are perceived and no more.

Clearly, deep water exercise wearing an AquaJogger for flotation can benefit just about everyone. The wonderful news is that people who may have had few good fitness options can now enjoy workouts and develop new confidence and better health. With the body supported in the water, conditioning exercises yield tremendous health benefits.

Expectant Mothers

During pregnancy , woman and fetus benefit from the increased supplies of oxygen in the blood during exercise. Expectant mothers who find exercising on land quite uncomfortable, especially in the last couple of months before delivery, can work out comfortably when freed of gravity. It is a rare OB/GYN who will not grant hearty approval to a floating fitness program.

With an AquaJogger around the hips, even pregnant women who were previously afraid of the water enjoy play and exercise in a pool, raising heart rate, promoting muscle tone and contributing to the health and development of the child.

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2 Responses to “AquaJogger® - Everyone in the Pool - Part 2”

  1. Aracelis Arroyo de Roques Says:

    I suuffer from rheumathpid arthritis and a semi amputation (caused by an accident) of my left knee. I would like you to tell me if aquaerobisc will benefit my condition.

    I am a doctor and will appreciate if you let me know.

    Sincerelly ypurs,

    Aracelis Arroyo de Roques

  2. Jerri Garofalo Says:

    I am not a medical professional but I can speak from personal experience. I have suffered from spinal problems and sever back pain for many years. Due to allergy to NSAID medications I have been on narcotic pain meds for 10 years which has been the only thing able to cut my pain. This summer I was diagnosed and told I have advanced osteoarthritis and that I needed to swim for 1 hour everyday to prevent becoming a cripple like my late grandmother. That was all it took to get me to the gym.

    The first day I swam 2 laps and thought I would die, but determined not to giveup I changed and just started running in the water. I completed my hour and loved it. Besides that I felt great, it had lifted my over all mood, made me feel energized, as well as the fact that I found a substitute for my in ablilty to swim. At that time I didn’t know anything about water jogging. The benefits kept building. My pain levels seriously dropped and I found I could decrease my medication just as the doctor had told me I might. I began sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshing (for once) and able to now complete as much in one day as it previously took me to do in a week. To my shock 10 days later I saw I had already lost several pounds, even though I found it hard to believe.

    A month after beginning water jogging I had lost 20 pounds. My blood pressure has dropped and is becoming normalized. People were telling I looked good and I thought so too. I felt like I had found a miracle elixer, and I became devoted to my time at the gym. As long as I went to the gym 3-4 times a week I did not have any more joint pain, continued lose weight and enjoy all the benefits I mentioned. My work outs became more intense and I added more moved and details. I had a been using watershoes but the skin on my toes was still thin, so I bought some kayaking water socks to wear with the shoes. Excellent! I also got a special armband that is guaranteed to keep my iPod dry, and which I wear special headphones with, so I can enjoy my tunes in the pool.
    I would imagine you want to know how it will effect you as an amputee. While I again am not a professional, neither am I an amputee, but from all I have experienced and learned about water jogging this is designed for your needs. The flotation belts like they sell on this website, will help keep your body upright and allow you to work your legs. I personally like to do impact resistance, but you will find excellent results using the flotation method as well. I would love to hear back from you. I just can’t say enough for water jogging which has changed my life. I now have lost over 30 pounds. My doctor is thrilled and you can tell I am too.

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