Introducing the AquaJogger® ExerSandal™

Aquatic Footwear Evolved

AquaJogger® ExerSandal™

Protect your feet and add a new dimension to your water workout with the ExerSandal™.

This comfortable flotation sandal is designed to be worn to, from, and in the pool, while adding flotation and resistance to deep and shallow water routines.

Product Features and Benefits:

- Saves feet from abrasive pool bottoms during shallow water activity
- Adds resistance and flotation to deep water running and exercise
- Follows foot path in cycling pattern for sports specific movements
- Adjusts at forefoot, midfoot and ankle for a custom fit
- Stays on foot during rapid cycling (sprinting)
- Avoids the gunk in the shower and at poolside
- Slip-resistant sole for shower and pool
- Soft, comfortable, weight-bearing support
- Easy on and off with snap releases
- Quick drying closed minicell foam sole
- Relaxed fit with open toe and heel Unisex sizing
- Affordably Priced
- Ideal for use at the pool, lake, or beach

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