Exercise Guide - Accessories

Begin With Correct Posture:

-Correct body position and muscle control are essential when using buoyancy equipment.

Start Slowly:

-Each time you use DeltaBells® or AquaRunners® RX begin slowly with small controlled movements. As you become stronger and more comfortable in the water, gradually increase the speed of your movements. Pace yourself according to your own capabilities and perceived effort. Listen to your body.

Muscle Balance:

-Opposing muscle groups need to be worked equally to ensure muscle balance during the workout. Focus on applying equal force in both directions of the movement.

Keep Joints Slightly Flexed:

-Eliminate full extension of the shoulders, elbows, wrists or knees. These joints should always be slightly flexed to prevent injury.

Keep the Equipment in the Water:

-You should perform moves that use resistive equipment completely in the water. Eliminate in-and-out-of-water moves, as they can adversely affect joints and muscles.

Stretch What You Strengthen:

- While flexibility is important in all types of exercise programs, stretching is even more vital when equipment is used. At the end of your workout, stretch all muscle groups worked with resistive equipment.

AquaJogger® Accessories

Delta Bells®: Water Exercise Dumbbells

Discover the gym in your pool with versatile hand-held DeltaBells®. Made with soft buoyant foam and comfortable padded grips, DeltaBells® add stability, intensity, and diversity to your deep or shallow water workout. Their unique triangular design allows you to vary resistance and intensity with the turn of a wrist.


-To maximize resistance push the flat sides through the water. To minimize resistance push the pointed ends of the triangle into your exercise movement. The faster you move the DeltaBells®, the greater the resistance and intensity of your workout.


-A large range of exercises are also possible when you use DeltaBells® only for balance and support. Simply rest the DeltaBells® on the water’s surface while you target abdominal and lower body movements.

AquaJogger® Accessories

AquaRunners® RX: Zero Impact Footwear

AquaRunners® RX are the next generation of “impact free” footwear. This innovative buoyancy product adds yet another level of intensity to your AquaJogger® program. Use the buoyancy and resistance of AquaRunners® RX Footwear to tone and strengthen muscles, build endurance and increase coordination. Made of the same quality foam used in the AquaJogger®, AquaRunners® RX slip comfortably on your feet and feature an elastic strap for a secure fit.

AquaJogger® Accessories

AquaHitch®: Tether for Stationary Workouts

Get maximum pool space with the AquaJogger® Hitch, a sturdy, five foot elastic tether with special hook fasteners. The Hitch is designed for use with the AquaJogger® where space is limited or when you want a stationary workout area. The Hitch can also help you focus on exercises without moving around the pool.

AquaJogger® Accessories

Web Pro Gloves®:

Water fitness gloves add intensity to upper body movements and can be used with most of the AquaJogger® moves. The Webbed Pro Gloves amplify the pull of a swim stroke, increase the workload and provide a better “feel” for the water. The webbing system between the fingers consists of a thin, flexible sheath that catches and cups the water, resulting in up to 100 percent more resistance than swimming with bare hands.

The amount can be adjusted by:

- Increasing or decreasing the speed of each exercise
- Flexing or spreading the fingers to present more surface area to the water and increases resistance.
- Cupping or making a fist with the fingers to vary the surface presented and also the amount of resistance.