You’ve Given Me Hope Series

Posted by AquaJogger® on September 16th, 2010

From Oman

I have been using the AquaJogger for over ten years. I started using an AquaJogger after having surgery because I had a case of severe tennis elbow. Then two years ago, I had knee surgery, I have been using AquaJogger every day and I love it, thanks to the AquaJogger I am back playing tennis. I am very grateful to have found something that is absolutely great. I have ever since been recommending it to everybody. Now I live in Muscat Oman and thanks to my recommendations other people are using it. I am very grateful to the AquaJogger people for having such a great product.

Sincerely Yours,
Mireya Ponce from Muscat Oman

From Oregon

John limped to the side of the pool where he put on his AquaJogger and slowly lowered himself slowly into the water. He commented that if it wasn’t for these water workouts, he didn’t know what he would do. A severe low back sprain, suffered in a fall while running a trail near Newberg, Oregon, had changed his life. Instead of being a relatively fit athlete in his late twenties, he found himself in constant pain which interfered with his ability to make a living and brought sleepless nights as well. Drugs and various medical treatments were not bringing relief and with financial resources running low, he found hope at the Chehalem Pool in Newberg.

At first, all he could do was take a few steps in the shallow end of the pool. After a couple of months, he progressed to running in deep water suspended by an AquaJogger buoyancy belt. John now spends up to an hour each day running back and forth in the deep end of the pool. The pain reportedly all but disappears during his work-outs and fatigue from the sessions helps him get some sleep. Progress is slow but steady and has given him hope. After all, he reported, “I actually was able to jog on land a few minutes the other day and I felt like a kid who had just gotten his driver’s license.”