Carolyn Collman loves the ExerSandal™

Posted by AquaJogger® on February 3rd, 2009

Carolyn Collman loves the ExerSandal™

The new Exersandal™ - they’re terrific. I wore them in (and out) of the pool for the first time today.

They’re so comfortable, yet very supportive. Even with vigorous movement (both deep and shallow) they hugged my feet - yet never rubbed or
chafed. I found them much more comfortable than other sandals. And, they’re so light weight. While in the deep water they reminded me of wearing AquaRunners™ though they’re not quite as buoyant.

At one point I had to jump out of the water in the middle of a client session and it was really nice having them already on my feet (especially given the cold temp of the pool deck on this winter’s day!).

They’re also really cute!

-Carolyn Collman, MS, ATRI-C, ACE, AEA, NETA
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