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Trying to lose weight & losing the battle?

Posted by AquaJogger® on November 25th, 2009

You might just find some clues in newly-released research titled: Effects of Aquajogging in Obese Adults: A pilot study. Most likely you aren’t in the obese class, but any extra weight you carry reduces your ability to get the exercise you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of the study was “to examine in obese people the potential effectiveness of a six-week, two times weekly aquajogging program on body composition, fitness, health-related quality of life, and exercise beliefs. The conclusion derived from the study found Aquajogging was associated with reduced body fat and waist circumference and improved aerobic fitness and quality of life. The findings in this pilot study suggested the usefulness of conducting a randomized controlled trial with long-term outcome assessments which is to follow.”

“The study was prompted by the fact that aerobic activities in water have been found to be effective to improve aerobic fitness and the effect on body composition has been demonstrated to be similar to weight-bearing aerobic exercise on land. The study defined “Aquajogging” as a specific form of exercise which consists of simulated running in deep water.”

A side note of interest is that this pilot study was conducted in the Netherlands, where the AquaJogger® water exercise buoyancy belt was introduced in 1991 and AquaJogger® has been a registered trademark since 1992. The act of running and jogging in water while being suspended with the aid of a water exercise buoyancy belt soon thereafter became known as aquajogging.

Additional comments from the study: “Aquajogging has been applied as a joint sparing intervention in rheumatologic diseases such as osteoarthritis, in the pre and post-operative management of musculoskeletal diseases, and as an endurance and power training in cardio-respiratory disease.”

“Participants experienced decreased appetite, and three spontaneously made an appointment with a dietician to start dietary treatment after the end of the aquajogging program. Injuries or uncomfortable muscular pain were not experienced by any participant during or after the training.”

“After a six-week aquajogging group program without dietary restriction in obese people, improvements in body composition, aerobic fitness, and quality of life were observed.”

“Study conclusions: Physical exercise in water is a possibility to try to increase physical and mental health of obese persons without the risk of injuries. In a six-week open-trial in obese persons, aquajogging without caloric restrictions was associated with reductions in body fat and waist circumference and with improvement of aerobic fitness and quality of life.”

“The indication that aquajogging results in physical and mental health benefits for obese people suggests that it might be a valuable therapy in itself or as an adjunct to a dietary intervention.”

To view the complete study, follow this link: http://www.aquatictherapist.com/index/2009/11/free-research-download-5-2010-effects-of-aquajogging-in-obese-adults-a-pilot-study.html