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ExerSandals™ AquaJogger®

Protect your feet as you add a new dimension to your workout with these comfortable flotation sandals.

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Fitness SystemsAquaJogger®

Did you know that AquaJogger® offers 6 different fitness systems to choose from. Browse our website to find the right one for you, and save by purchasing as a package.

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Congratulations to Karen N. for winning a pair of X-Cuffs™ in this month's drawing.

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Out of Africa
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Africa is Aquajogging and Dr. Denny Lofstrom, M.D. and his wife Paula Lofstrom, L.P.N. have found their fountain of youth, or at least their rejuvenation site. The small pool, located in the back of their home in Nyakato, Tanzania, provides them the opportunity to leave all their cares in the water. Each uses the pool for a different reason.

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Backs To The Future
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Gravity is especially merciless as we age and often compounded by carrying extra pounds. One of the most common benefits, reported by AquaJogger® users, is relief from back pain.

Another tool in overcoming the malice of gravity is inversion therapy. It is synergistic with a water exercise program and adds its own benefits.

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You've Given Me Hope Series
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I have been using the AquaJogger for over ten years. I started using an AquaJogger after having surgery because I had a case of severe tennis elbow. Then two years ago, I had knee surgery, I have been using AquaJogger every day and I love it, thanks to the AquaJogger I am back playing tennis. I am very grateful to have found something that is absolutely great. I have ever since been recommending it to everybody. Now I live in Muscat Oman and thanks to my recommendations other people are using it. I am very grateful to the AquaJogger people for having such a great product.

Sincerely Yours,
Mireya Ponce from Muscat Oman

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