AquaJogger® – AquaJogger®; Jr.

Learn to Swim with AquaJogger Jr.

Learn to swim with AquaJogger Jr.

AquaJogger, a pioneer and industry leader in water flotation equipment, has introduced a new buoyancy belt for children designed to increase confidence and comfort in the water environment and accelerate the learn-to-swim process. Tested for two years in top West Coast pools, the AquaJogger Jr. provides buoyancy and total freedom of movement so children can effectively focus on the many skills involved in swimming.

Unlike many flotation products for children, the AquaJogger’s patented design properly positions flotation for accurate swimming and maximum freedom. The soft, flexible foam is contoured to a child’s small waist and the adjustable design accommodates most 3 to l2-year-old children comfortably and securely.

In the initial stages of learning to swim, children are often fearful and tense, using all of their energy to stay afloat. With the buoyancy of the belt, a child’s legs are positioned at the correct kicking angle, arms are completely free to learn a variety of strokes, and the head and neck are unrestricted for correct breathing technique. Children also develop the coordination between the upper and lower body necessary for effective swimming skills.

Juliana Larson, an aquatics specialist and the director of award-winning Sheldon Meadows Pool in Eugene, Oregon, has been incorporating the AquaJogge Jr. in her learn-to-swim programs since 1996.

“Traditionally many swim programs shy away from flotation, but I was confident the belt’s unique design could be used effectively to overcome many of the challenges kids face as they begin swimming,” said Larson. “The total freedom and options offered by the AquaJogger Jr., with the guidance of a parent, increases the child’s confidence in water exploration. This shared water play encourages the strengthening and coordination needed for developing solid swimming skills.”

Larson added that large indoor pools can be very intimidating for young swimmers and that it’s important to provide them with the tools needed to boost confidence and comfort in the water environment. With the number of water parks and swimming pools being built in the U.S., equipping young children with swim skills is top-of-mind for many parents. Adults have found the belt to be a great aid in assisting young swimmers during open swim times at public pools or on vacations by the hotel pool.

The AquaJogger Jr. comes with a free, 24-page illustrated game book featuring 30 all-time favorite water games. The games are modeled after successful skill-building activities used in learn-to-swim programs across the country. The AquaJogger Jr. retails for $24.95 and is offered in blue, green, and purple.

With the support of the belt, children and parents have the tools and freedom to play and learn together safely in the pool. The AquaJogger Jr. was designed to be a flotation aid, not a life preserver, and should always be used under the close supervision of a parent or adult.

AquaJogger® is the leading water fitness equipment company and maker of the fIrst buoyancy belt for water running. AquaJogger designs, develops and markets high-quality products including a line of buoyancy belts featuring the company’s patented design; resistance barbells, footwear and gloves; and education videos and materials.