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AquaJogger® – Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics + Walking + Weights = Low Impact Fitness Equation

The growing focus on maintaining an ageless and active lifestyle is changing the way people are selecting fitness programs. With a strong emphasis on low impact, the new fitness combination for a long healthy life emphasize the trio of water aerobics, walking and strength training with weights.

While the benefits of walking and weight training are familiar to many- the numerous benefits of water aerobics are just beginning to be understood. Adding water to a regular exercise routine not only improves overall fitness but also addresses key fitness components that are often overlooked or minimized in traditional workout programs.

Fitness Component:

– Flexibility

The water’s soothing qualities helps you stretch not only muscle, but also the true target of your flexibility work- the connective tissue.

– Aerobic capacity

Aerobic exercise is most easily accomplished in water where you are cooled and hardly feel a change in your breathing rate.

– Anaerobic Capacity

Anaerobic work can be performed in the water without the muscle and joint strain that occurs on land.

– Muscular Strength

Water is a natural and instantly adjustable weight-training machine. Resistance is approximately four to 42 times greater in water than air.

– Speed/Power

Training for speed/power are done equally well on land and in water, but has proven less injurious in water.

– Rest/Recovery

Studies are showing water training helps eliminate post workout soreness and assists in the elimination of lactic acid build up.

– Fat Burning

Research has shown convincingly that water workouts decrease body fat as effectively as land based exercise programs when exercise is performed at similar intensity levels.

– Strong Body Alignment

Water strengthens the important muscles at the back (as well as the front) of the body to help fight gravity, prevent painful injury and ensure good postural alignment.

– Balanced strength/muscle pairs

When you exercise in water, muscle symmetry is built-in, because you meet resistance to your movement in both direction of the exercise.

– Overall balance and coordination

Water training increases coordination by combining oppositional movement (moving your right arm at the same time as your left leg) against the water’s resistance.

– Back/abdominal strengthening

Without performing a single sit-up, a water workout tones and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles as a result of maintaining a vertical posture against the water’s buoyancy and resistance.

– Low impact

Water supports 90 percent of the body’s weight – resulting in reduced stress on joints, muscles, tendon and ligaments.

– Functionality

Because of the vertical position in the water, water aerobics is a very practical effective “cross training” tool for everyday activities- from carrying in the groceries to cleaning out the attic.

– Stress release

Immersion in water creates instant biological changes, including increases blood flow and awakening the senses. The result is an instant attitude adjustment and reduced stress.

– Time efficient

Water offers a three-in-one workout for cardiovascular and muscular conditioning and enhanced flexibility.