AquaJogger® – Water Exercise

Water Exercise with Aqua Jogger

by Angela Settle, Aqua Jogger Expert and Author

Water Exercise with AquaJogger®

Aqua Jogger water exercise is attracting participants of all ages and fitness levels. Aquatic exercise offers a multitude of health benefits. Here’s why it’s one of the most popular year-round fitness activities.

Water exercise tones the muscles, burns fat like an aerobic activity and increases flexibility, in one, 30-minute workout.

Without doing a single sit-up, water workouts tone the abdominal muscles to help flatten the stomach.

Water exercise is efficient because it offers resistance in every direction, toning the front and back of the body simultaneously. The results are a firmer more shapely body.

Spice up a fitness routine and improve performance by imitating a favorite activity in the water, such as: Walking, running, in-line skating, strength training and snow-skiing movements.

Water supports 90% of the body’s weight, resulting in reduced stress on the joints. The forgiving qualities of the water make it a popular workout option, especially for pregnant women and those recovering from surgery.

With thousands of community and public pools in the U.S., it’s not necessary to own a pool or belong to a club to exercise in the water. Check out the options at apartments, hotels, lakes and even the ocean.

Water fitness equipment has expanded exercise options. Flotation products can be used in the deep end of the pool, such as the patented Aqua Jogger belt. The Aqua Jogger suspends the body, supporting the head and neck out of the water for a no-impact workout. Slip on a pair of resistance footgear to tone and shape the thighs and buttocks. Webbed gloves and foam dumbbells add intensity to an upper body workout and can be used in both deep and shallow water.

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