AquaJogger® – Save Your Knees

Save Your Knees

by Dr. Stan James, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon and Knee Specialist

Save Your Knees by Dr. Stan James

Dr. James has performed over 3,500 knee surgeries in addition to his consultation. At age 70, he combines water exercise, biking, roller skiing, cross country skiing and running to keep fit.

Painful knees narrow our opportunities to enjoy life. Our knees are what keep us mobile, whether we’re walking, running, squatting or going up and down stairs. Arthritis, injuries, obesity and poor fitness can make these movements painful while seriously reducing our fitness options.

Expand your Fitness

As we age, it is very important to maintain overall body conditioning. This comes at a time when exercise becomes more difficult. Low-impact water exercise affords the opportunity to work around injuries and physical limitations. The forgiving environment of water makes an ideal medium for exercise as it provides resistance in all directions while removing the stress of gravity on the joints.


The longer you live the more likely you are to have arthritis. Gravitational compression of the arthritic knee joint makes exercise painful. This compression can be eliminated when you are suspended in deep water with an AquaJogger flotation belt. This allows you to exert harder with less pain as you strengthen the muscles that stabilize the knee.

Protect the Joints

Muscles are the first line of defense for the joints. Well conditioned muscles around the knee protect the joint and help slow the process of degeneration.


Overweight people can’t exercise long enough and hard enough to get any real benefit. Recent studies state that one in five Americans is obese. The heavier you are the more pressure is exerted on the knees during exercise. If you are overweight, I recommend getting in the water. You’ll use more muscle and burn more calories than walking or running while applying those forces safer.

Save your knees.