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Water Runners Making Strides

Water Runners

More than 2.2 million Americans have discovered the benefits of deep water running. This summer thousands more are expected to take the plunge into this new exciting form of exercise.

“Since I started AquaJogging I have lost 60 pounds, decreased my body fat from 24% to 14% and significantly lowered my blood pressure,” says Tim Tift. 54-year-old chairman of the University of California-Irvine PE Department. “My metabolism is up, I feel a lot better, and I am revitalized.”

What’s amazing is that Tift made these gains in a little more than one year. As chairman of his own physical education department, Tift added deep water exercise with the AquaJogger Buoyancy Belt to his department’s program. Not only did he join the classes, but he taught them! The rest is history.

Tift is one of the growing number of people of all ages and nations who have discovered exercising in water allows you to work out when conditions otherwise would not allow. For example, injuries, excess weight, surgeries, orthopedic conditions and back ailments all prevent millions of people from getting the exercise they need to recover properly and regain general good health. Water running is a great solution for fitness and recovery.

Water running isn’t just low impact, it’s no-impact. Since your feet do not touch the bottom in deep water, running in the deep end with an AquaJogger® is a non-weight bearing activity. You get all the benefits of the toughest aerobics class or cross country run, with none of the impact on bones, tendons and ligaments. That’s why exercising in deep water is one of the fastest growing exercise trends in the country.

Water running with the AquaJogger established its winning reputation with World Class athletes. At first most coaches and athletes merely considered these water workouts an effective emergency cross training tool- something to keep the athlete active and sane during rehabilitation. But soon some outstanding stories of success began to emerge: Mary Decker Slaney set a world record in the 2,000 meters after a month in the pool and only one land workout prior to the race.

Carl Lewis and his fellow world class sprinters, Mike Marsh and Joe Deloach, produced season after season of record breaking performances by maintaining a steady water running training schedule. With the AquaJogger, athletes are being restored to their winning ways and people are actually getting stronger during their rehabilitation periods.

Health minded people of every age and ability are taking advantage of this fun, stress-busting way to burn fat, tone muscles, recover from injury and get sluggish cardiovascular systems moving again.