Aqua Jogging Workouts Are Seriously TOUGH. Here’s How To Dive In For Amazing Fitness Results

Blonde woman standing outside by pool in one piece swimsuit, posing with an AquaJogger® Belt

Think Aqua Jogging Workouts are just for grandparents? Think again. Deep water training is used by top athletes and fitness buffs to increase endurance, fitness, power, and strength. Here’s how to dive in and get started.   Research shows that people who water exercise can burn as much body fat and build as much muscle…

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Feedback from the 2008 Olympic Trials

I was recovering from a stress fracture from my first marathon. I got into the water and exercised for 2 months. I had no land-based exercise. I lost no fitness; my arms got a better workout than mere running. My first race out of recovery I ran for 18 miles. Debbie Nagasaki, Japan My experience…

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