Introducing ExerSandals™

AquaJogger® introduces ExerSandals™ at USA Olympic Track and Field Championships in Eugene.

Introducing ExerSandals™ at the 2008 Olympic Trials

AquaJogger®â€™s first buoyancy belt was introduced in 1987 and we were flooded with questions about how it worked and what benefits a person could expect. At the 2008 USA Olympic Track and Field Trials held in Eugene, Oregon, we were besieged by testimonials from users telling us of all the benefits water exercise had brought into their lives.

The stories came from athletes, non-athletes, young people, seniors, instructors, medical practitioners, health care professionals, coaches, trainers and soldiers recovering from combat injuries, each with his or her own particular challenges and each with its own success story. A sampling can be viewed by clicking this link.

Over the years AquaJogger® has tested various types of footwear that our customers could wear to and from the locker room, through the shower and to the pool where they would protect the feet and serve a purpose in the water exercise program. We chose the Olympic Trials as the perfect place to introduce our prototypes and gain some feedback before putting them into production. Our ExerSandals™; were met with both favor and enthusiasm and are now available on our web site.

Carolyn Collman loves the ExerSandal™

The new Exersandal™ – they’re terrific. I wore them in (and out) of the pool for the first time today.

They’re so comfortable, yet very supportive. Even with vigorous movement (both deep and shallow) they hugged my feet – yet never rubbed or
chafed. I found them much more comfortable than other sandals. And, they’re so light weight. While in the deep water they reminded me of wearing AquaRunners™ though they’re not quite as buoyant.

At one point I had to jump out of the water in the middle of a client session and it was really nice having them already on my feet (especially given the cold temp of the pool deck on this winter’s day!).

They’re also really cute!

-Carolyn Collman, MS, ATRI-C, ACE, AEA, NETA
Be Well Coaching

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AquaJogger® Contest Winners

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Hailey, Idaho
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Veneta, Oregon
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Portland, Oregon
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