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Perfect Circles for Cyclists!

Perfect Circles for Cyclists!

AquaJogger® helps Cyclists with Perfect Circles

Cycling coaches will recognize an inexperienced rider who pushes hard on the cycling downstroke while ignoring his upstroke – in cycling terms this rider would be called a “masher”.

Other cyclists looked at from the side have a pedal stroke that looks choppy as if the rider was pedaling in squares.

The goal for a competitive cyclist must be to pedal in PERFECT CIRCLES… by doing this the rider will get the most efficient use of his energy with each revolution of the pedals.

This involves exerting an even force all the way around the pedaling stroke even through the two dead spots or soft spots at 6 and 12 o’clock where a rider can lose concentration or have a lazy action.

To combat this a cyclist will perform a series of pedalling drills with his coach which can result in an improved cadence.

AquaRunners Rx can greatly assist in this improvement if worn in the pool for underwater cycling workouts to supplement a cyclists training program and get the maximum from his pedaling action and so improve performance.


(1) Pedal through the 6 o’clock position as though pulling your foot back to scrape mud off the bottom of your shoe…

(2) Begin the pulling -scraping motion at 3 o’clock…

(3) To get through the 12 o’clock dead spot pedal as though you were standing on a barrel and pushing it with your feet…

(4) Now start the pressure at 10 o’clock and keep rolling over the top to 3 o’clock.

AquaRunners RX can be used in numerous aquatic drills to improve a cyclists overall performance which will add variety, resistance and an extra dimension to any training program. The AquaRunners RX create a greater feel through the resistance of the water – resulting in enhanced awareness of the rider’s complete pedaling stroke.

Improve your cycling technique awareness and performance with WATER WORKOUTS, PERFECT CIRCLES AND AQUARUNNERS RX!