Running from Destruction

Award-winning Orthopedic Sports Surgeon Dr. Stan James treated many athletes who ran too many training miles and ended up on his operating table. Stan’s concerns about too much training of hard surfaces played a role in the interest in the development of deep water running. He saw it as a way of tapping into an…
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Fitness During Pregnancy

SPLASH!  Ahhhh…. Feeling less like a bulky washing machine and more like a gazelle the moment you enter the warm water. Let’s face it, pregnancy can wear you out! The weight of your newly expanding belly pulls on your back muscles and the extra pounds make your feet ache. Even the thought of exercising makes…
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Out of Africa

Africa is aqua jogging and Dr. Denny Lofstrom, M.D. and his wife Paula Lofstrom, L.P.N. have found their fountain of youth, or at least their rejuvenation site.
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Plantar Fasciitis

Is Plantar Fasciitis Slowing You Down?

It’s a great time to take the load off your feet, keep fit, and start some active recovery. Just find a pool deep enough for one of our buoyancy belts to keep your head above water, keep your feet off the bottom of the pool, and help put yourself on the way to recovery. You…
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Increase Speed by Using Water Running

Common ways coaches use to increase leg turnover and neuromuscular response to increase speed on ground...
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Shorten recovery time from injury and increase the effectiveness of your Weightlifting and Resistance Exercises without resorting to steroids

Coaches and athletes have long reported using Deep Water Running as a recovery from workouts with our AquaJogger Buoyancy belts...
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