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Sparring In The Pool With DeltaBells!™

Sparring In The Pool With DeltaBells!™

Sparring With DeltaBells!™

AquaJogger® DeltaBells™ have many uses in adding resistance to your workout, but have you considered their use in training and rehabilitating injured boxers?

Phil McAuley (L.C.S.P) Official Sports Physio to the England Amateur Boxing Association recommends using the DeltaBells™ Pro in helping boxers recover more quickly from a variety of injuries, including shoulder, neck, elbow and back problems as well as strengthening injured wrists.

McAuley recommends working in groups in the shallower end of the pool… Holding the DeltaBells™ Pro in a vertical position initially and punching out as you would do if you were sparring or working the bag in the gym… Punching out and turning your wrists to alter the angle of jab or uppercut.

Working closely in groups and moving your feet like dancing in the ring, causes boxers to begin to develop better balance co-ordination and technique as the inertia and turbulence of the water will challenge both the boxers balancing… co-ordination and technical skills… McAuley feels this replicates the Cuban Amateur Boxers method of practicing their skills while dancing around standing on rubber tires… but further increasing the challenge through the resistance caused by the water and the Delta Bells™!

A boxer’s punching movement snaps out at the elbow in the ring. In the water using the DeltaBells™ the snapping at the elbow is eliminated and the elbow protected and cushioned.

Turning and gentle twisting of the wrists with the DeltaBells™ helps in recovery from injury in the wrist area… back problems can be relieved with specific boxing drills, muscle wastage cut to a minimum and benefits in power can all be achieved.

DeltaBells™ can be a very important and beneficial part of any training program or individual AquaJogger® workout only limited by your imagination!

I look forward to hearing any comments, questions or ideas of your own.