Using All The Gear Makes All The Difference


Lew Thorne Founder of AquaJogger 

One of our users recently stated, “Using all the gear makes all the difference.” He was commenting on the ability to exercise and focus on his entire body with a variety of our equipment on his trip to the pool. 

His buoyancy belt enabled him to go into deep water and focus on cardio at various leg speeds, accomplishing both Aerobic and Anaerobic conditioning whether running or cross-country skiing. In shallow water he could do the rock climb or turn over on his back and pedal backward. His AquaHitch allowed him to run or ski in one place when he did not want to travel around pool. He got the most benefits from moves shown below by adding DeltaBells, X-Cuffs, ExerSandals or AquaRunners. 

His DeltaBells allowed him to focus on arm work, adding another important dimension to his deep water running and cross-country skiing. They provided him resistance in all directions, and varied immediately with his speed of movement and the amount of surface area presented to the water. 

As shown, DeltaBells can also be used as pontoons to innovate moves such as abdominal work. And by adding ExerSandals, AquaRunners or X-Cuffs you can take your workout to a higher level. 

The ExerSandals, AquaRunners, and X-Cuffs, add resistance and extra flotation on your feet and are especially valuable when deep water running and cross-country skiing. 

Our ExerSandals provide additional benefits, as they can be worn in the locker room, through the shower, on the deck and in the pool to protect your feet in shallow water. 

Importantly, there are things unique to your water workout not possible in land workouts: 

1. When in water up to your neck the hydorstatic pressure around your body reduces you heart rate by 12 % from your heart rate when doing the same activity on land. This allows you to take your heart rate to higher level in the water than when you are exercising on land. Your legs become part of a pumping action to the heart, which takes your conditioning to an even higher level in the water than when you are exercising on land. 

2. NASA studies have shown hydrostatic pressure increases your deep tissue response ten times more than on land just sitting in the water up to your neck. This deep tissue response is directly related to healing and recovery from workouts. If it is ten times what it is on land sitting in water up to your neck, it makes you wonder what it becomes the faster you move in the water. 

For more ideas check our Water Workout Guide in Resources Section on our website. 

Also check the video “Get Started with AquaJogger®” 

Our foam products add flotation as well as resistance when you move them through a range of motion in water. The amount of resistance varies with your speed of movement, allowing total control of the amount of resistance you access. 

When you are in the pool take advantage of all the opportunities to improve your body’s fitness and make the most of your time by using “all the gear all the time.” On our website you can look over a variety of exercises and equipment which provides you access to all the benefits. 

All this equipment fits into our handy Mesh Bag which you can carry to the pool. And like our user said, “Using all the gear makes all the difference.” Make your pool into your new gym, whether in deep or shallow water you can achieve fitness not possible on land.