Water Running Handbook – Part 10

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Supplemental Exercises:

There are many exercises that can be incorporated into your water running program. Sit kicks, cross country ski, and tires are three popular moves. Use them during warm up and warm down, to add variety and to provide cross training for muscles. Find illustrations and instructions on supplemental exercises at AquaJogger.com’s online water workout guide.


Take It To The Water, Water Running for Sports Conditioning and Recovery, with David Brennan. Step by step demonstrations and instructions on water running form and developing a water running program. It includes injury prevention tips from Dr. Stan James, internationally known sports orthopedic surgeon.

Water Running

The Complete AquaJogger® Water Workout Video features Juliana Larson, nationally recognized instructor who has developed award winning programs. Demonstrates a wide range of deep and shallow exercises that provide great variety to your aquatic program.

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