Take The Impact Out Of Fitness

The AquaJogger® buoyancy belt comfortably suspends you at shoulder level in deep water allowing you to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water exercises.

Sports Performance

Combine land and water workouts to reach levels of peak performance not possible with land workouts alone while reducing injuries that put you on the sideline.

Fitness and Wellness

Use the forgiving environment of deep water running to take the impact and weight bearing limitations out of getting the cardiovascular activity you need to keep your body and brain healthy.


Remove the limitations that impact and weight bearing bring to your rehabilitation efforts as you combine water running and workouts with your land based programs.

Weight Loss

Take the pounding and weight bearing issues out of your weight loss program as you take the impact out of the activities that burn the calories and improve your health.

Active Aging

Meet the challenges of the aging process with a water running and exercise program that opens new doors to fitness, health and mobility.


Learn to swim with AquaJogger® Jr. Does not inhibit arm strokes. Provides total freedom of movement so children can focus on the many skills involved in swimming.

Featured Product

This is the buoyancy belt that started the water running revolution back in the late 80’s. Developed for world class athletes in Eugene, Oregon’s famous running community, it was soon adopted by most anyone that wanted to take the impact and weight bearing challenges our of their fitness program. Still our best seller, it provides medium buoyancy and can get you on the way to accessing peak performance in Sport or in Life.


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