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AquaJogger® – Water Runners

Water Runners Making Strides More than 2.2 million Americans have discovered the benefits of deep water running. This summer thousands more are expected to take…

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AquaJogger® – Water Exercise

Water Exercise with Aqua Jogger by Angela Settle, Aqua Jogger Expert and Author Aqua Jogger water exercise is attracting participants of all ages and fitness…

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AquaJogger® – Start Your Fitness Program

Start Your Fitness Program by Tawni Gomes Founder of Connecting Connectors Online Support Group Are you one of the millions of Americans who made a…

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AquaJogger® – Water Walking

Water Walking by Carol Kennedy, M.S. Water fitness is one of the fastest growing low-impact activities in the country. Here’s why millions are taking the…

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AquaJogger® – Increase Lung capacity

Develop “Aqua Lungs” to Improve your Lung Power Have you ever noticed the well developed lung capacity and respiratory efficiency of Olympic level swimmers? It’s…

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AquaJogger® – Aqua Kinetics

Aqua Kinetics – Water Recovery By Jim Hiserman, C.S.C.S Activity is Key to Recovering from Workouts All athletes and coaches know that progressively more challenging…

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