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New Product
AquaJogger - X-cuffs

AquaJogger® X-Cuffs™
add another level of intensity to exercises by increasing surface area and buoyancy when placed on the ankles or forearms. One great feature of the X-Cuffs™ is versatility. You can use them in a deep or shallow water workout, or you can use them to increase drag and buoyancy for swimming. The X-Cuffs™ are available in blue, and retail for $19.95 at

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AquaJogger® will be attending the Aquatic Exercise Association AEA International Aquatic Fitness Conference at the Orlando, FL Wyndham Resort May 18-22.

Spring into a New Water Workout

   Spring is a season of change and the perfect time to mix things up with a new water workout. Changing your workout can alleviate boredom and help you achieve better fitness results.

    "Muscles have memory-- meaning they can get accustomed to the same workout," says Peggy Brower, a certified Aquatics Instructor. "By changing your water workout, you are shocking your muscles."

    Brower says, "I have seen very fast results with water workouts because water automatically works the opposing muscle group unlike a land-based exercise program where you have to work the opposing muscle group separately. Water is constantly giving a massage to the body. It really is a liquid weight room. You will burn fat and many calories in a water exercise class."

   However, those results will peak as your muscles develop memory of your workout. "If you are seeing results taper, or are just bored, it is a great time to change your water workout."

   One way to switch things up is by taking a class at your local pool. "Many pools offer classes like Aqua Kick-Boxing, Aqua Sculpt, and Abs/Glutes. These classes offer the opportunity to workout specific muscle groups and target areas," says Brower.

   Brower recommends taking classes two to three times per week and mixing up the different types of classes you take. You can even mix up the instructors, because not all instructors teach the same way.

If you cannot take classes, here is a simple structure to help you design your own workout:
  1. Warm up - 2-3 minutes of easy movements. Focus on the entire body, head to toe. Flex and extend all the joints, keeping movements at a low to moderate speed.
  2. Main Session - 20-40 minutes of continuous aerobic activity. Workout within your personal fitness level and established medical guidelines
  3. Strength Water Workout (optional) - 5-15 minutes of abdominal and/or arm exercises using strength resistant equipment like DeltaBells, X-Cuffs, and Web Pro Gloves.
  4. Cool Down - 3 minutes of easy fluid movements in the water. Decrease speed and perform movements which emphasize those muscle groups worked during the session.
  5. Stretch - A thorough stretch is always a good idea after (and before) your workout.
Peggy Brower is the owner of H20 Fitness in Silver Spring, Md. She is certified with USWFA, Arthritis Foundation, AAAI, a member of IDEA and a continuing education instructor for AEA. She is also a master instructor trainer. New instructor training courses are offered through her company. For more information on classes in the area or jobs, you may call her at 301-603-1328 or email at

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