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Take the weight off your weight loss program

The more weight you put on, the more likely you are to injure yourself taking it off. Impact and weight-bearing issues can limit your opportunity…

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30 Minute High Intensity Deep Water Workout

Warm up with 5 laps across the pool. Jog down and back with your arms in by your sides (like you are running). Keep your…

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Blonde woman standing outside by pool in one piece swimsuit, posing with an AquaJogger® Belt

Aqua Jogging Workouts Are Seriously TOUGH. Here’s How To Dive In For Amazing Fitness Results

Think Aqua Jogging Workouts are just for grandparents? Think again. Deep water training is used by top athletes and fitness buffs to increase endurance, fitness,…

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AquaJogger® – Active Aging

Active Aging By Juliana Larson, B.S., L.M.T. Author of “Water Dance”, Aquatic Specialist, and Aquatic Instructor Juliana is also featured in “The Complete Water Workout…

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AquaJogger® – Save Your Knees

Save Your Knees by Dr. Stan James, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon and Knee Specialist Dr. James has performed over 3,500 knee surgeries in addition to his…

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AquaJogger® – AquaJogger®; Jr.

Learn to Swim with AquaJogger Jr. AquaJogger, a pioneer and industry leader in water flotation equipment, has introduced a new buoyancy belt for children designed…

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