Increase the Effectiveness of your Weightlifting and Resistance Exercises with a deep water run or jog

Coaches and athletes have long reported using Deep Water Running as a recovery from workouts with our AquaJogger Buoyancy belts increases the results and effectiveness of their workouts and training sessions.

Weightlifters focusing on Body Building also have reported they shortened the recovery phase and increased the effectiveness of their workouts by taking a twenty-minute-deep water jog with our buoyancy belts after each weightlifting session.

Athletes across many sports have found a twenty-minute easy jog in deep water after workouts and competition was much more beneficial than a twenty-minute warm-down jog on land where they increased the benefits of blood flow through muscles without additional impact of land base running as they set up their recovery phase.

Why this success? We received a research study performed by NASA finding a person sitting up on a chair up to their neck in shallow increased their deep tissue response by more than ten times land-based recovery. The answer became clear. The hydrostatic pressure created by the water around the body increased the deep tissue response in ways not possible on land. Not only speeding recovery, but the effectiveness of the workout.

Just how much more effective the deep tissue response becomes when jogging and running when up to the neck in water, over sitting on a chair, has not yet been determined. The result gained by users of deep-water recovery indicates it provides a competitive advantage over those who do not take advantage of this research finding.

Maximize the effectiveness of your training and workouts and take your peak performance to another level by taking it to the water.