Shorten recovery time from injury and increase the effectiveness of your Weightlifting and Resistance Exercises without resorting to steroids

Coaches and athletes have long reported using Deep Water Running as an effective recovery method from injuries and speeding the effectiveness of weightlifting sessions using our AquaJogger Buoyancy belts. We knew it worked but why?

We learned the science behind this recovery when we received the results of a research study performed by NASA. Their concern was speeding recovery from the stresses endured by their astronauts returning from space. They suspected hydrostatic pressure of water around the body may provide them with some answers.

The study had a person sit on a chair up to their neck in shallow water to find how this hydrostatic pressure around the body might affect recovery. The study showed found the pressure increased the person’s deep tissue response by more than ten times what it was when the person was not in the water.

The answer became clear. The hydrostatic pressure, created by the water around the body, increased the deep tissue response in ways not possible on land-based recovery.

How much more effective the deep tissue response becomes when jogging and running while suspended the neck in water, rather than sitting on a chair, has not yet been determined. Since recovery from training is necessary for the body to be prepared for additional growth, using deep water running becomes becomes a competitive.

Deep Water Running sessions effectively reduce swelling from injury, speeding recovery as well. No steroids, just the forgiving and healing properties of water.

Speed healing and maximize the effectiveness of training and peak performance while taking it to another level. Just take it to the water.