Take the weight off your weight loss program

The more weight you put on, the more likely you are to injure yourself taking it off. Impact and weight-bearing issues can limit your opportunity to get the quality exercise you need to take off those extra pounds and stay off the sidelines in the process.

One of the instructors for the “The Biggest Loser” program confided to me their contestant’s weight seriously limited the exercise they needed. He had found those contestants could get the quality of exercise they needed to lose weight using one of our buoyancy belts in the pool. Think “amphibious” as you count your calories and challenge your cardio system to burn off that extra weight. Combing the best of land and water exercise can provide you results that land-based activity alone cannot.

If you have never taken the opportunity to do some deep water running, jogging or walking with a buoyancy belt around your waist keeping your head comfortably out of the water, you are missing something special. In many ways, it feels like you are in outer space where impact is no longer a factor and you are free to move at whatever pace you
wish without the limitations of gravity.

For years, world-class athletes kept water running as a secret weapon. One which allowed them to reach conditioning levels not possible with land running alone without ending up on the sidelines with an injury.

Give it a try at a local pool. This link can help you find one near you. https://www.swimmersguide.com/

If a pool doesn’t have one of our AquaJoggers available for you, get one of your own at www.aquajogger.com where you can also download instructional media. Take the weight out of your weight loss program and enjoy the process.