Active Aging

Active aging Man and Woman couple performing water exercises with AquaJogger equipment in a swimming pool. The woman is wearing a purple swimsuit and smiling. The man is wearing a gold neck chain and seems winded.

Active and aging often don’t end up in the same sentence, yet if you are not active you won’t age well. Without activity, your cardio system doesn’t keep your body and brain operating at healthy levels. Going for a jog, walk or run often has its limitations as people age. Most of these limitations have to do with impact and weight bearing issues.

Taking your efforts into the forgiving environment of water is a game changer. This is especially true when a person puts on a water exercise buoyancy belt and steps into deep water. With the head comfortably out of the water a person can breathe normally, and the forces of gravity don’t interfere with walking, jogging or running. It is much like being in outer space.

Get the cardio workout you need at whatever pace you choose without the impact and weight bearing issues that limit you on land. The water moving around your legs and arms also provides a massaging effect that helps you relax. Research shows that your deep tissue response is greatly improved when up to your neck in water which aids healing and recovery from your exercise session. People often report using a buoyancy belt makes them feel young again, as gravity loses its hold on every movement.

Add deep and shallow water running, walking and exercise to your fitness and wellness programs and let active aging change your life for the better.