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Training with a Heart Rate Monitor(1)

Training With A Heart Rate Monitor In The Pool: Part 1

Training With A Heart Rate Monitor In The Pool

Do you currently train and workout in the pool with your Aquajogger using a heart rate monitor?….And if not…why not!

A basic heart rate monitor would be all most people would need and cost very little today…

There are a number of positive differences in the water which can cause your heart rate to be lower than on land… but armed with some basic knowledge you can derive enormous benefits in your workout program.

Here is a summary of just some of the main benefits of training with a heart rate monitor…

1. Specific To You: Heart rate monitors allow you to train at a specific level to you.

2. Know How Hard You Are Working: Heart rate monitors give precise information about how hard your body is working

3. Efficient Training: A heart rate monitor will allow you to get the most out of what training time you have available.

4. Monitor Improvement: Heart rate monitors allow you to easily measure how your body has adapted to exercise overtime.

5. Motivation: As heart rate monitors allow you to monitor your improvements…this in turn will motivate you to keep training and keep your fitness levels up and improve further still.

6. Fine Tune Your Training: By allowing you to train in specific heart rate zones a heart rate monitor will allow you to be precise about the type of training you are going to do…For example…fat burning…improve endurance or raise aerobic intake.

7. Prevent Overtraining: Heart rate monitors can help to prevent you overtraining and so reduce the risk of injury.

Measuring the frequency of your heart beat is an excellent way of monitoring exactly how hard your body is working and as you get fitter you will find your heart rate reducing for any given workout.

Part Two will share with you just how you can simply and effectively use a heart rate monitor in your Aquajogger workouts.

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