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Resolutions, Goals, and Reality!

Resolutions, Goals, and Reality! Every year fewer people make New Year’s Resolutions because only 8% actually accomplish the resolution that they set for themselves. Gym memberships soar Jan 1, as people vow to lose weight and exercise more. By Super Bowl Sunday, those same gyms are half-empty, as most of those who joined will have…

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Pool Bag Essentials

Pool Bag Essentials You’ll want a well thought out pool bag to make your time at the pool and in the dressing room as convenient and hassle free as possible. Pool Bag: Beach size towel – You can use your towel for cover up to and from the pool. Temperatures in and out of the…

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Welcome to the Drop it in Challenge

Dear AquaJoggers®, Welcome to the official AquaJogger® Drop it in challenge. Many of us will make resolutions this year to drop something. Whether you are here to drop some extra pounds, a nagging injury, or old patterns of behavior that separate you from your personal goals, we are here to motivate, support, and help you…

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