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Sports Training

30 Minute High Intensity Deep Water Workout

Warm up with 5 laps across the pool. Jog down and back with your arms in by your sides (like you are running). Keep your core engaged and spine in a neutral position. As you jog, try to physically get your body OUT of the pool. Push yourself forward through the resistance of the water.…

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The Versatility of AquaJogger® Modules

The Versatility of AquaJogger® Modules The AquaJogger® Modules commonly used to add extra buoyancy to your belt can be used in a variety of ways to add an extra dimension to your AquaJogger® workout. You can use your Modules to increase resistance to your upper body workout..tone and firm those muscles in your upper arms..…

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Perfect Circles for Cyclists!

AquaJogger® helps Cyclists with Perfect Circles Cycling coaches will recognize an inexperienced rider who pushes hard on the cycling downstroke while ignoring his upstroke – in cycling terms this rider would be called a “masher”. Other cyclists looked at from the side have a pedal stroke that looks choppy as if the rider was pedaling…

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Sparring In The Pool With DeltaBells!™

Sparring With DeltaBells!™ AquaJogger® DeltaBells™ have many uses in adding resistance to your workout, but have you considered their use in training and rehabilitating injured boxers? Phil McAuley (L.C.S.P) Official Sports Physio to the England Amateur Boxing Association recommends using the DeltaBells™ Pro in helping boxers recover more quickly from a variety of injuries, including…

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