AquaJogger® – Water Walking

Water Walking

by Carol Kennedy, M.S.

Water fitness is one of the fastest growing low-impact activities in the country. Here’s why millions are taking the plunge.

Water walking is an effective workout, is easy to learn and requires no swimming skills.

Vertical water fitness combines the toning of weight training, the cardio benefits of aerobics and the enhanced flexibility gained through yoga – in one, 30-minute fat-burning workout.

Water is a natural and instantly adjustable weight-training machine, providing resistance in all directions to tone and strengthen the muscles.

Studies show water workouts effectively burn fat, and strengthen the abdominals–without doing a single sit-up.

Low-impact aquatic workouts are joint-friendly and help prevent and heal injuries.

Buoyancy equipment, such as the patented AquaJogger belt, suspends the body securely and comfortably, supporting the head and neck out of the water, so hair stays dry and glasses or contact lenses can be worn.

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Carol Kennedy, M.S., is the Fitness/Wellness Program Director at Indiana University.