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Burn Calories with Water – By Drinking it!

Burn Calories with Water – By Drinking it!

Burn Calores with Water - By Drinking it!

AquaJogging is not the only way to lose fat with water. Did you know that drinking water can actually burn Calories?

When you drink water, make sure it is ice cold!

When water is ice cold, your body needs to heat it up so the water can be used by the body. This process is called “metabolic cost”. It is estimated that one 8oz glass of ice water can yield 9 Calories in metabolic cost.

Okay, so don’t trade in your diet and exercise for the cold water method, but those 70 calories a day will really start to add up.

Just take a glance at what eight 8oz glasses of ice cold water per day can do for you:

* 9 Calories per glass
* 70 Calories per day
* 2,100 Calories per month (That’s almost 1 pound!)
* 25,550 Calories per year (Over 7 pounds of fat a year!)

Let’s face it, it is hard to remember to drink 8 glasses a day. Here are some various ideas on how to make it a routine:

* Fill 8 small freezable water bottles with water. Freeze them overnight, and the next day you can pull them out and drink them as they thaw. Repeat.
* Set your watch to beep every few hours. When you hear the beep, drink a glass of ice water.
* Wear a reminder ring on your finger. After each glass of ice water, move the ring over one finger until you reach your daily target of 8 or ten glasses.