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Suspended Ski Legs Arms Surface

Suspended Ski Legs Arms Surface

Exercise provided by: WaterWellnessWorkouts.com

These exercises coordinate total body movements; legs and arms; or just legs to increase the intensity of your movements and encourage a cardiovascular workout.

Suspened Ski Legs Arms Surface

Start with your left leg forward and your right leg behind you. Extend both of your arms out to your right side. Switch and extend your right leg forward and your left leg behind you. Sweep your arms in a wide circle just under the surface of the water to your left side. Repeat the ski legs with your arms moving from side to side for 45-60 seconds. Maintain a vertical position as you perform this exercise.


* Perform this exercise in slow motion.
* Perform this exercise in double time speed.
* Rotate between slow, normal, and double time speed.
* Pause when your legs are fully extended front to back.
* Use barbells or noodles for added resistance.
* Tuck your knees up as high as comfortable during the leg exchanges.
* Alternate the palm side as you change stances.