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The Versatility of AquaJogger® Modules

The Versatility of AquaJogger® Modules

The AquaJogger® Modules commonly used to add extra buoyancy to your belt can be used in a variety of ways to add an extra dimension to your AquaJogger® workout.

You can use your Modules to increase resistance to your upper body workout..tone and firm those muscles in your upper arms.. and have fun doing it!


Slide the straps that come complete with your Modules horizontally through the cut-outs with the softer side facing inwards…this will feel more comfortable on the back of your hands.

Slip your fingers through the strap with your thumb outside..ensuring it is quite a tight but comfortable fit…like holding a pair of gym boxing pads!

You will find yourself lightly gripping the top of the float..if you find yourself gripping too tight to hold the float steady,just tighten your strap a little.

You are now ready to perform a variety of interesting movements only limited by your imagination!


(1) Try holding both arms out wide to your side at shoulder level with your palms facing forwards.. bring them together as in a clapping move…reverse the movement moving slowly back to the starting position…This would be one repetition…do 3 sets of 8 reps for starters and feel the resistance! (Remember moving slowly with a long range of movement.)

(2) Get together with a partner who holds his/her Modules facing you. As in holding boxing pads in the gym at different positions and practice aiming your karate kicks or punch out movements!…I use a variation of this method with small groups of boxers in the shallow who assume a crouching stance and this also helps their balancing skills.

(3) Curls can be performed with elbows bent and arms held tightly at your sides and palms facing up..lift towards the surface and bring back down to the starting position with palms still facing up…You can alternate this move having your palms facing down and/or having a longer arm movement for extra resistance… Always keep your arms tightly at your sides…This is excellent for your biceps and triceps muscles!…(Remember to perform the movement slowly).

(4) Practice your Tai Chi or Ai Chi movements in the water…this adds gentle resistance to your flowing moves.

You will find yourself thinking of the movements in the water you currently use in your own workout, and adding the versa floats to the ones you feel can add that extra resistance.

Adding variety to your workout will help you achieve your goals…have fun…and “Drop It In 6”!

I look forward to hearing from you with any comments or ideas of your own and answering any questions you may have.