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Cross Country Ski

Cross Country Ski

Cross Country Ski Exercise

The “Cross Country Ski” is one of the most powerful water exercises. This move creates heavy resistance, and exercises all of the major muscles group in the body. Use this water exercise often if your goal is to lose weight, tone muscle or increase flexibility.

Start with your left leg forward and your right leg behind you. Your right arm extends forward and your left arm extends behind you. Your left arm extends forward and your right arm extends behind you.
Continue alternating legs and arms to the front and back for 45-60 seconds.


* Perform this exercise with slow speed, normal speed, or double time speed.
* Place your hands palm side up, thumb side up or thumb side down.
* Alternate your hand placement as you move your arms from stance to stance.
* Travel forward, backward or sideways.
* Use Web Pro Gloves or DeltaBells for additional resistance.

Exercise provided by WaterWellnessWorkouts