Welcome to the Drop it in Challenge

Dear AquaJoggers®,

Welcome to the official AquaJogger® Drop it in challenge. Many of us will make resolutions this year to drop something. Whether you are here to drop some extra pounds, a nagging injury, or old patterns of behavior that separate you from your personal goals, we are here to motivate, support, and help you over the next six months.

The Drop it in Blog is the heart of the challenge. Here you will find advice, tips and support from our panel of experts and other challenge members. The key to accomplishing any task is to have the goal clearly in mind and to determine the next action. Step by step and action by action you can do it.

Register Now to get started. Registration to the Drop it in blog is simple, and you can enjoy member privileges such as posting comments and maintaining a user profile. We have included some prizes to add into the mix and I wish you well on your adventure.

Be sure to bookmark this page and visit it often, as new information will be updated frequently.