Shoulder Stretching

The shoulder is one of the more fragile joints in our body, and it should be stretched properly before and after your water workout. Try adding these three shoulder stretches to your warm-up and cool-down routine. Your shoulders will become limber, strong and will be more resistant to injury.

While Stretching:

Breathing: Maintain slow and steady abdominal breathing. Allow your arms to lift naturally.

Posture: Keep a neutral spine, do not lock your joints.

Deep Water: When performing these stretches in Deep Water with an AquaJogger®, remember to keep your core muscles (abdominal and back) firm to keep your body balanced and your spine secured.

Shoulder Stretching

1. Cross Over Shoulder Stretch:

Reach one arm across your body; support this arm with your other hand below the shoulder. Stretch your whole body in the direction of the stretching (upper) hand.

Change sides.

2. Reach Up:

In a neutral position, reach one hand to the sky, hold for 10 seconds, then change to second hand.

Do one hand at a time.

3. Hug:

In a neutral position, with shouldersunderwater, if possible, cross arms and hug yourself gently.

Cross over and change for a second hug.