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Feedback from the 2008 Olympic Trials

I was recovering from a stress fracture from my first marathon. I got into the water and exercised for 2 months. I had no land-based exercise. I lost no fitness; my arms got a better workout than mere running. My first race out of recovery I ran for 18 miles.

Nagasaki, Japan

My experience with the Aquajogger: I have been active for 50 years. Ten years ago I was sky diving and when I landed, I pulled my hamstring muscle. After 3-4 weeks in the water, I was back to my normal active routine. Lately I had a bad ankle, but I recovered after a brief stint in the water.

College Place, Washington

I suffer from fibromyalgia. My doctor put me into the water because at age 50 it was extremely hard to be able to do any other kind of exercise. I also suffer from arthritis. I quit Aquajogging for a month, and I sure could feel the difference. I returned to the water.

Eugene, Oregon

I served in the Air Force and the Marines. In the early 1990s, I was scaling a cliff when a floodlight hit me. I had to drop to the ground or be riddled with bullets. I fell 60 feet breaking my ankles, and compressing several discs in my back. I used the Aquajogger after my accident. The Veterans Administration only allowed so much time for recovery and bid me farewell. I really want my own Aquajogger.

Eugene, Oregon

I had an injured Achilles heel and got into the water. I worked out for over two months doing interval training 5 days a week. The maximum amount of time I exercised was 80 minutes per session.

Portland, Oregon

I am a professional athlete who had a full ride scholarship to Georgetown University. I used to run an 800 meter race with a time of 2:01. However, I developed tendonitis and a former UCLA coach put me in the water. My legs needed time to heel, but I had to retain my cardio-vascular conditioning level. My only problem was being able to get the heart rate up high enough with water training, but I found the solution. I would run really hard in the water before beginning my daily maintenance routine.


My friend Michelle was injured in a motor cycle accident. She lost a leg below the knee cap and spent 2 years in water therapy.

Eugene, Oregon

The Aquajogger has been a great innovation. Four years ago my daughter was hurt, and when she went into the water, I went with her. I use it for cross-training now.

Portland, Oregon

I attended the pools in Eugene where they have Aquajogging classes (Thurston has classes too!) I have used the Sqoodle and the DeltaBells while in the water. I have degenerative back discs and weakness in my hands. I use the Aquajogger 3 times a week, and when I stop I can sure tell the difference. I feel weak. I simply bought my own Aquajogger and can’t wait until my new pool is installed in my backyard.

Eugene, Oregon

I have been a life-long swimmer and when I suffered a herniated disc, I got into the water. I was afraid to move in full gravity, but aquajogging was “the highlight of my day”. I am a member of the Downtown Athletic Club of Eugene and I worked out in the pool for 6-8 months for 3 times a week. I “appreciate the quality of your product.”

Eugene, Oregon

I love your sandals. I want to prescribe them for my patients so they can walk to and from the pool.

Podiatrist from Eugene, Oregon

I went to New Zealand to visit a friend and was delighted to find Aquajoggers there! For the past 5 years I have used your products at the River Road pool.

Eugene, Oregon

I lost 110 lbs. while using the AquaJogger in combination with diet and medical intervention. Now I use water exercise to keep the weight off.

Security Guard at Venue
Eugene, Oregon

I have used the Aquajogger for the past ten years. I use it for regular workouts. I have a few of the kids’ version (AquaJogger Jr.) and the problem was that some of my son’s friends could not swim. So I put the Aquajogger on those frightened ones, and they had a ball. The Aquajoggers look the same today as the day I got them ten years ago.

Kevin (sub-4 minute miler)
Eugene, Oregon.

Fifteen years ago I purchased an Aquajogger at a running store in Washington, D. C. I had a groin muscle injury so I used the Aquajogger as an alternative workout every other day for 2 months. Now I use it to stay in shape. I use it for 3 days a week.

Washington, D. C.

I was injured while I was in high school at Shore, Long Island. I used the Aquajogger to double my mileage – I would do my regular workout then repeat it in the pool. Why repeat the workout? Because while I was suspended in water, I could concentrate on improving my form.

Hoboken, New Jersey

I am a student at South Eugene High School. I had shin splints and my coach put me into the water. We borrowed the Aquajoggers from the local YMCA. I have used the Aquajogger as a cross training option for four years.

Eugene, Oregon

“Thanks for inventing this!” I used to run in the water without one, but I found that by using the buoyancy belt I could concentrate on my form a lot better. I still use the Aquajogger as a cross training tool. I worked as a trainer for Lewis and Clark College and the Trail Blazers used the Aquajogger. I gained a lot of strength in my arms by using it.

Portland, Oregon